Identify with ease. Choose with confidence. Step by step.

Saving time and effort identifying the right products for your application is just a click away with Agilent online selection tools! Easily and confidently identify the correct columns, sample preparation products, and supplies for all your chromatographic needs. In just a few clicks, be assured of your selections as you follow a decision-tree approach to pinpoint your best supplies options by specific parameters.

Captiva Syringe Filter Selection Tool

Get the right answer in just three questions

Cover every matrix sample with Agilent Captiva Syringe Filters. Answer three simple questions about sample matrix, sample volume, and column particle size to identify your best option and alternatives.


LC Capillaries Selection Tool

Easily find the right capillaries for your instrument

Quickly find the right Agilent capillary or Agilent CrossLab capillary, even if you only know part of your requirements.


Bond Elut QuEChERS Selection Tool

Find the best QuEChERS products for your application

Identify your ideal option by making selections based on current QuEChERS sample preparation product, matrix, or official QuEChERS method.


Agilent CrossLab Selection Tool

Find the right Agilent CrossLab supplies for your instrument

CrossLab includes diverse supplies for the other GC and HPLC instrument brands in your lab including PerkinElmer, Waters, Thermo/Dionex, Shimadzu, and more.


Agilent Vial Selector

Your guide through over 600 selections

Make the perfect pick among more than 600 vial, cap, and septum selections. Identify your best options by answering seven simple questions.


Agilent J&W GC Column Selector

Find your next GC column with ease

Agilent J&W offers the broadest portfolio of the most innovative GC columns. Choose among three easy ways to locate – by part number, regulatory method number, or other GC columns suppliers’ part numbers.


GC Parts Finder Tool

Parts information at your fingertips

This 3D graphical tool lets you visually confirm the correct gas chromatography items and part numbers for your unique instrument configuration.


Gas Clean Filter Selection Tool

Select the best Gas Clean Filter System for your analysis

Purification is one of the most important steps you can take to optimize your system performance. This tool will help you easily choose the best Gas Clean Filter system for your GC or GC/MS analysis.


After selecting your product, you can order at the online store or contact your Agilent Representative or Agilent Authorized Distributor. Or, if you have any questions, visit our technical support page to get the most value from your Agilent products.